Inside AAA- Meet Ushma

Get to know Ushma Suvarnakar, AAA’s Director of Meetings and Conferences. Ushma is responsible for the strategic planning, fiscal management, and direction of the association’s meetings, conferences and related products. She manages the AAA staff and vendors who produce AAA’s meetings and conferences and is staff liaison to the Annual Meeting Executive Program Committee and the AAA Committee … Continue reading Inside AAA- Meet Ushma

Opportunity Awaits! Apply for the AAA 2016 Summer Internship Program!

Do you have an interest in marine archaeology or African art? Maybe you just want a productive way to spend your summer getting hands-on experience working in anthropology as well as in an office environment. Whatever your career goals may be, the AAA internship program provides two exceptional students with the opportunity to spend a … Continue reading Opportunity Awaits! Apply for the AAA 2016 Summer Internship Program!

Best of 2015: AnthroSource

Here are the 10 most-downloaded articles from AnthroSource, AAA’s digital database for content from our publications. AAA members get free, unlimited access to AnthroSource. Just login with your AAA membership credentials. 1. American Anthropologist Is the Romantic-Sexual Kiss a Near Human Universal? 2. American Ethnologist #Ferguson: Digital protest, hashtag ethnography, and the racial politics of … Continue reading Best of 2015: AnthroSource

Best of 2015: Anthropology News

Here are the top ten most-read Anthropology News articles of 2015! Click on the links below to read recent articles at Links to older articles will take you to the AN AnthroSource archive. Happy reading! 1. Indian Mascots: Naturalized Racism and Anthropology     Bernard C. Perley 2. Mentoring the Next Generation of Practicing Anthropologists     … Continue reading Best of 2015: Anthropology News

Our Movies, Ourselves: “Reel Life” vis-à-vis “Real Life”

On the eve of the release of The Force Awakens, the Star Wars saga (including the “Special Editions”) has made about $2.2 billion at the box office (U. S. sales only), more than the gross domestic product of some nations.  Why?  What accounts for the phenomenal popularity of those movies and others that have attracted hundreds of millions of viewers, like the James Bond movies, Jaws, E.T., Jurassic Park, and Avatar?  And why should a … Continue reading Our Movies, Ourselves: “Reel Life” vis-à-vis “Real Life”