CEAUSSIC: Anthropological Engagements with Military and Intelligence Agencies

5 thoughts on “CEAUSSIC: Anthropological Engagements with Military and Intelligence Agencies”

  1. “I worry that the sort of sunny Pollyanna optimism of Homer Barnett’s inexplicable against-all-odds fictive “innovator” may be rushing into a world governed by the rusted iron determinism of Leslie White—and they aren’t rushing in alone, we’re all going along for the ride.”

    Exactly. Why do anthropologists think they can change ANY culture much less military culture? All anthropologists working for the US military are still supporting the military’s links to US gloabl domination, they can’t change any of this.

    1. LOVED the Homer Barnett reference, warmed the cockles of my heart. And I agree with you completely, though we now allegedly have post-colonial sensibilities (with varying degrees of success), we will never have, nor should we wish for a post-political anthropology any more than we should an apolitical ethics. Either would be illusory and undesirable

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