Levi-Strauss Passes at 100

7 thoughts on “Levi-Strauss Passes at 100”

  1. I joined Edgardo Krebs and Paul Taylor in nominating L-S for the Smithson Bicentennial Medal just in time to prevent a posthumous presentation to his family. We also engineered a congratulatory letter from President Obama, son of anthropologist Ann Dunham. These were small “return gifts” for his having introduced me to the ideas of Marcel Mauss in seminars at the Musee de l’Homme in 1951-52. A second edition of my Gifts and Nations book was dedicated to L-S, Margaret Mead and Alfred Kroeber. Among my many debts to him are insights about how to extrapolate from a Hopi prayer feather to the whole culture. Indeed, as Mauss asserted, “In the concrete is the whole.” I treasure his quick responses to my correspondence and his hospitality during visits over the years to his Paris laboratory.

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