AAA Mourns Passing of Dell Hymes, Past President

3 thoughts on “AAA Mourns Passing of Dell Hymes, Past President”

  1. Dell was a great teacher, friend and colleague with whom I shared many wonderful times while he was at Penn and thereafter while at U of Virginia. His keen and insightful intellect along with his wonderful sense of wit and humor and very able leadership touched all who connected with him over the years.

    I shall miss him greatly. I am also sorry to write that I am currently in Australia and will not be able to share with you all who attend his upcoming memorial on Dec. 5 in Philadelphia.

  2. I just now read about Dell’s passing. I have often thought about Dell and his family over the years since I was a grad student at Penn and his editorial assistant at the time his journal Sociolinguistics was launched. I hope to make it to the memorial service.

    Iles Minoff, Arlington, VA

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