Blogging or Tweeting the AAA Annual Meeting?

3 thoughts on “Blogging or Tweeting the AAA Annual Meeting?”

  1. The AAA meetings have always been the highest cost for the lowest returns in terms of participant infrastructure/refreshment/goodies I have ever attended. So much for economies of scale…

  2. I was able to twitter the AAAs, via my iPhone. But like many others, I was aghast to discover that wireless was not available throughout the hotel. I will never again pay those kinds of rates for a hotel that does not provide wireless access in the hotel rooms; and the AAA needs to recognize the importance of wireless access when negotiating with hotels. It was not so long ago that the organizers seemed to think that our requests for digital projectors that we could hook our computers for our panels was unreasonable – and now it’s the norm. This lag goes beyond the long time frame needed for reserving hotels. Perhaps the meetings board needs to listen closely to their grad students? There needs to be a mechanism to keep the AAA on top of changing technology.

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