Spring 2010 AnthroNotes Online + Video Podcast

3 thoughts on “Spring 2010 AnthroNotes Online + Video Podcast”

  1. Joyce, to find an expert interested in collaborating on your book, you might try contacting the Biological Anthropology Section of the AAA (http://www.as.ua.edu/bas/). Additional groups include the American Board of Forensic Anthropology (http://www.theabfa.org/) and the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (http://physanth.org/). You can also post a collaborator request on our searchable online bulletin board at http://www.aaanet.org/bulletinboard.

  2. I’m writing to inquire if anyone can help me with a novel I am writing centering around MN peat bogs. I want to use a bog body as a discovery of a curernt murder, say 10 years past. In researching I’ve found that bodies discovered in peat bogs in Europe have been preserved due to salt air, among other things, which is not available in MN. So, is this possible, and what would an investigator or forensic anthropolist use to determine the time of death, etc.? If someone can answer the questions they will be credited in the novel; perhaps you can point me to websites that would help. Thank you, Joyce Ritacco

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