Interning at AAA

2 thoughts on “Interning at AAA”

  1. Unfortunately, that law only applies to for-profit companies, which the AAA is not. I find the # of unpaid internships astounding. Budgets are tight but that’s no reason to skimp out on those who are (or will be) undertaking massive amounts of debt.

  2. If you really enjoyed her work – and it seemed like she was doing more than shadowing the organization, but actually contributing – than you should really show your gratitude by compensating her.


    It’s the law:

    if the interns are engaged in the operations of the employer or are performing productive work (for example, filing, performing other clerical work, or assisting customers), then the fact that they may be receiving some benefits in the form of a new skill or improved work habits will not exclude them from the FLSA’s minimum wage and overtime requirements because the employer benefits from the interns’ work.


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