US Supports UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

One thought on “US Supports UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples”

  1. I’m a decendent of the oglal lakota band which on time called sioux we don’t know where sioux came from the declartion passed it is called the chairmens text the origianal declartion was pushed under the rug and a new one was developed the original was worked on for thriteen years and the human rights commision was done away with and a new human rights council was created at the time in 04 an choice was givin three years of recese or one year extention at the time peoples didn’t want no change , the chairmen talked with us and told us the states didn’t want us to have rights so he will propse his the way the stsae countrys want us to be addrees now it is passed ans will work with trible council which are a entie of the US and inposed upon in 1934 we have a treaty we think of it as nationa to nation this declartion definds it to goverment to goverment now this leaves the tradtional people out again the tribal goverment uses our enrollment to get funding we the people to don’t see a penny of when we ask for funds to go to our medical appointments thier is no funding yet the council are makeing trips to las vegas for workshops , the full bloods are agian put to the bottom or pushed under the rug more human rights violations and treaty violations ignored we are fooled agian

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