A View from Tokyo on March 11

2 thoughts on “A View from Tokyo on March 11”

  1. Interesting! I also walked back to a Tokyo suburb ater the earthquake (Kichijoji) through Roppongi–and Shibuya, and finally used the Inokashira line as a guide (along with the location of the moon) to find my way home. I appreciate your remarks–reading them was like going through my memories of my own experience!

  2. Thank you for the account! I will be coming to work with/at Temple while starting my fieldwork in Tokyo this summer. Thanks to my parents in Philadelphia and their vigilant sharing of articles from the Philly Inquirer, I’ve been able to follow Temple’s activities closely. (Although the American media is rather hysterical about everything.)

    The earthquake has meant that instead of having a careful plan for this summer, all of a sudden I don’t know what ground I am going to be able to gain with my fieldwork. Anxious position, and of course concerned about folks over there. Ganbatte!

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