AAA Members, It Is Time To Cast Your Vote

4 thoughts on “AAA Members, It Is Time To Cast Your Vote”

  1. Thanks for your comment, Fuji – sorry you are encountering difficulties. I have forwarded on your comment and e-mail address to Kim so that she can check into the issue and further help you.

  2. There is no blue start arrow on my AnthroGateway page. I get taken to a page that says “requires login,” but my login information is already listed.

  3. Thanks for your comment, Betsy. To place your vote, after logging into AnthroGateway, clicking on the Vote Now button, and selecting the election by clicking on the blue start arrow; you’ll need to check the small box to the left of the candidate’s photo by clicking on it. After checking the desired boxes, go all the way to the bottom and click on the orange next arrow to cast your vote. Contact Kim if that doesn’t work on your screen: kbaker (at) or call 703.528.1902

  4. I don’t see how you can vote for anyone on this page, you can just see the nomination process

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