Going to the Annual Meeting? Try Montreal’s Famous Bagels!

4 thoughts on “Going to the Annual Meeting? Try Montreal’s Famous Bagels!”

  1. There’s great rivalry between two bagelries a block away from each other: Saint-Viateur Bagels on Rue Saint-Viateur, and Fairmount Bagels on Rue Fairmount, both in the Mile-End neighbourhood. Each has its fans. Well worth a visit to see where your own allegiance will lie!

  2. Montreal bagels are delicious, especially fresh out of the oven and dipped in cream cheese, preferably after midnight. But you desperately need a picture of Montreal bagels for this post. Those ones are definitely not the real deal!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment, Scott. It sounds as though you might have a favorite bagel place in Montreal, would you be willing to share additional insight?

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