Going to the Annual Meeting? We’ve got your app for that.

8 thoughts on “Going to the Annual Meeting? We’ve got your app for that.”

  1. I know this is a super-busy time for the AAA, so maybe this is for later, but wondering if we could update the Free Speech Forum tab, which last had entries from March 2011 and bin Laden. There has been great anthropological commentary and involvement with the issue of economic inequality and Occupy Wall Street. A selection of recent links:


    and as self-promotion:

    Apologies for things I’ve omitted, and as I said I know this is a very busy time.

    See you in Montreal!

    1. Thanks for the links Jason. Will add to the ongoing discussion – scroll to the end of President Dominguez’s letter and you’ll find a conversation about Gov. Scott and a petition to meet with Gov. Scott, in addition to Bin Laden discussion.

      1. Hi Joslyn, many thanks for the reply. My apologies for the mischaracterization–I did see the links at the end of the Free Speech Forum but the overall tone seemed to be more about Bin Laden. Thanks again and keep up the great efforts!

        1. Jason – Check out the Free Speech Forum page – do you like the subject links better on top? The respective pages have been updated. Keep sending those links along. Thanks! – Joslyn

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