Check Out Our New eBook – Decolonizing Anthropology

2 thoughts on “Check Out Our New eBook – Decolonizing Anthropology”

  1. I commend the AAA for moving forward with electronic publishing like this. But I have to say that you are really limiting your audience by restricting the format to Adobe-formatted readers. I personally stronly prefer (almost to the exclusion of other formats) the epub format, especially non-DRM epubs, because it allows me to use a book across a variety of devices. For instance, I do a lot of reading on my iPhone, which I always have with me. What many publishers do these days is offer their ebooks in a variety of formats, which allows for the largest number of people to access them. Once you’ve got it in one format, it doesn’t actually take all that much effort to get it into other formats. And the reward is you’ll have that many more people who can and will read your book.

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