Top 5 features of the AAA 110th Annual Meeting App

4 thoughts on “Top 5 features of the AAA 110th Annual Meeting App”

  1. I tried to download the app by clicking the website link in the Safari browser on my iPhone (using the wireless at the convention center). Unfortunately it didn’t take me to the AppStore, it just opened the app in a browser window. I thought about going to download it….but first I played with the web-based version.

    There are a couple problems. The biggest is that the “search by speaker” is worthless. Say I want to find a friend’s panel. I click search by speaker and try their last name. I get what looks to be a result, but when I click on that, it only shows their affiliation, not their panel time or room number.

    So I try searching the schedule instead. Unfortunately speaker name doesn’t count as a searchable keyword so I have to remember the panel title to find anything useful.

    Such a waste of a resource that could have been really useful.

    In past AAA meetings there was a PDF of the meeting program available so that you could download the schedule (with room numbers!) instead of lugging the book around. I mean, my computer weighs less than the book! Now, the only thing available online is the prelim with no room numbers, or the REALLY clunky “personal scheduler” that requires multiple clicks, weird pass-through sites to even get logged on, and a really unstable wireless connection that boots you off every few minutes.

    A downloadable schedule would have been soooo much easier to use than these supposed improvements, especially at an intl conference where many people’s phone internet connections aren’t working (or would be $$$).

  2. Hi there. I’ve found that the app keeps crashing on my Droid when I try to use any of its features (e.g. schedule builder).

    Also: It’s not clear to me if I’ll have to pay the (international) data fee associated with web browsing if I try to use the app *during* AAAs.

    Please respond, thanks.

    1. Sarah – sorry you’re having troubles with the app. There will be free wi-fi available at the convention center in the common areas, but if you are updating outside of the wi-fi network, your mobile charges will apply.

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