Committee for the Future of Print and Electronic Publishing invites conversation

10 thoughts on “Committee for the Future of Print and Electronic Publishing invites conversation”

  1. The next issue of the online project anthropologies ( is going to be a double issue that explores these debates about open access & the recent Occupy protests. It would be GREAT to have some participation from some folks who are working directly with the AAA (such as any of you who are working on the AAA blog). The more dialog about all this, the better.

    Here’s the short blurb about the upcoming issue:

    “The upcoming edition of anthropologies (March 2012) will be a double issue that focuses on 1) The Occupy protests/movements; and 2) Current debates about publishing and open access in academia (especially with regards to SOPA, PIPA, and the RWA). The word limit is anywhere between 500-1500, and the deadline for submission will be February 28th. The goal of this issue is to explore these issues through the lens of anthropology, personal experience, or a blend of both. The possibilities are wide open.”

    If any of you are interested, please email us at anthropologiesproject [at] gmail DOT com.



  2. I would especially recommend taking a look at the following reactions to the recent AAA official comment:

    Daniel Lende, AAA Takes Public Stand against Open Access

    Kerim Friedman,
    How do we mobilize anthropologists to support open access?

    John Hawks, American Anthropological Association keeps it from the people

    The posts from Lende and Friedman also include extensive comment streams. Hawks and Lende were presenters at AAA Montreal 2011.

    I’ve done what I think is a fairly comprehensive recent round-up of anthropology blog reaction at Anthropology Blogs Respond to AAA on Open Access.

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