I Still Got Joy – Strength and Resilience After Breast Cancer

One thought on “I Still Got Joy – Strength and Resilience After Breast Cancer”

  1. I’ve been an Army National Guard wife for three years. In many ways, it’s been a sheer adventure, filled with memorable times. Most times, it’s been an easy ride and if I had the chance to choose it again, I would. In embracing all of the blessings, there were some things that occurred that challenged me in my relationship with God. I faced an adversity in the early days of our marriage that forced me to change. I thought the commitment my husband made to be a soldier really didn’t affect my life too much at all. I believed all I had to do was support his military endeavors and be a great wife. “Piece of cake” I mused. After we married in September 2007, he was immediately sent orders to do a three year tour at LetterKenny Army Depot in Chambersburg, PA. He had to report in December just three months into our marriage. I was so excited that our early years together would take us to a new place and welcomed the move from Florida for a season. We left in November right after Thanksgiving and I was overjoyed to be back in a northern city, not far from New York where I’d grown up. Chambersburg is a picturesque town that was small, friendly and full of charming residents. We rented a three bedroom, three bathroom townhouse and furnished it modestly. In just one month after our move, I landed a job working as a contractor at LetterKenny Depot. I would see my husband around the base during the day. How cool is that for a newlywed! I thought I was set for the next three years blessed with a new city, a new marriage and a new job. I was over the moon with joy.
    thanks again! 🙂

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