What is Earth Day Now?

4 thoughts on “What is Earth Day Now?”

  1. If you have seen the film No Impact Man or read about similar movements, you know that grass roots participation in relating to Mother Earth are effective and show our involvement in the environment as part of it. There are many people acting in small ways to change the way they relate to eating, living, transporting themselves. Some of us support environmentla organizations such as the NRDC, Sierra Club, etc. to lobby for environmentally sane decisions by the administration that ultimately affect global warming,etc. One is the Keystone proposal.

    One of our major missions should be to join with concerned teachers in experimental school programs to education to get our kids out in nature and doing projects with science that relate to climate change and the environment. These programs can be models for schools in general. They already exist. This is also grass roots but can become national. Small steps, involvement, catching the younger generation before their lives are totally obsessed by technology.

    Our generation grew up with these concerns–at least some of us. We need the kids to care, too.

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