Who Teaches the Teachers?

3 thoughts on “Who Teaches the Teachers?”

  1. Thanks for this post…. it raises some interesting points outside of a US context as well. I think its important to reflect upon the variety of pre-doctoral disciple backgrounds that many anthropology lecturers bring to their teaching. Its just a hazardous guess but I can imagine a large percentage of doctoral anthropologists began in other disciplines – many including teaching.
    I have been taught by anthropologists who had backgrounds in education and I myself have clocked up a few years experience in language and social work teaching – of which I believe without my critical anthropologist take on my subjects it would be very stale teaching by now!
    I have taken advantage of pedagogic and teacher training in my Post Grad years and as a junior lecturer because I have observed that once established and heavy with research and publishing responsibilities- honing your teaching skills becomes a little lower on priorities.
    Projects like the teaching materials exchange are an excellent way to work collaboratively with others and refresh approaches to material and should offer some cross-discipline inspiration.

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