Last Chance to Vote on Code of Ethics

2 thoughts on “Last Chance to Vote on Code of Ethics”

  1. there is no vote now button

    Kendall Thu, Ph.D. Professor and Chair Presidential Engagement Professor Dept of Anthropology Northern Illinois University 815-753-0479 >>> American Anthropological Association 10/25/2012 7:56 AM >>>

    Joslyn O. posted: “Today is your last chance to vote on the revisions to the Code of Ethics. Your vote will be whether or not to accept the 2012 Principles of Professional Responsibility (with the understanding that the text links to supporting or background materials ar”

    1. Kendall –
      After you log in, be sure to click on the “My Information” link in the left side bar. The user must be on the “My Information” page to access the Vote Now button. It works best in Internet Explorer. If you’ve done those and are still having trouble, please contact Kim at or call 703-528-1902.

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