‘Doomsday Preppers’: Our New Threat?

12 thoughts on “‘Doomsday Preppers’: Our New Threat?”

  1. what the hell are you guys doing the need to prepare is always there for any situation for which you will not be prepared. some if not many are just too out there …. being prepare for the bad guys nice ,but at what number will they be coming if ………………… you till ever one what you have. where it at and how you are going to defend yourself. thats giving your enemy in any combat zone plans on how to defeat you. da da!!!! keep your mouth shut!
    being prepared is for the stronger to help the weaker if the time to share is there! dont be closed minded people the gov gov. knows what and where you have … cameras in the sky!!!! others that will give you up for a crust of bread….. they will take it from you even if it from your cold dead hands … your familys then what? i dont have the answers nor does any one else..
    seek your god in heaven for the direction… and pray you dont have to use all of the things you have done to defend yourself… knock and the door will be opened… signed very concerned for U.S.A. please pass this on to other sites dont know much about the process of it..

  2. Preppers…a THREAT?! Some people buy a week’s worth of groceries, so they don’t have to shop every single day. Some people keep a gun in the house, in case someone breaks in and there isn’t time to call the police. What’s the difference, and more importantly, what’s the THREAT if someone chooses to prepare for longer than a week, or for more than just a single intruder? Liberals are intimidated by the strangest things, and yet they’re perfectly content to expect that things will continue to go exactly as they always have, without any interruption. (how did this go, Superdome?) This is their choice, and it’s my choice to prepare for the worst, just in case. How that makes me a threat I’ll never know. I don’t bother other people now, and I won’t bother them the next time power is out for an extended period of time and everyone else is scrambling for food.

  3. America has had many opportunities to devolve into the doomsday that preppers prepare for, and yet the opposite has occurred. America is more stable than in the past, it is producing more food, and it is more prepared for disaster. Witness the difference in response between Hurricane Sandy and Katrina. In the Civil War, people had to store away food like preppers, and yet during the Civil War, not all families had the capacity to do so – yet there was no mass starvation. Today, society is more efficient at producing and distributing food, not less; ergo the danger of a food shortage is less than during the Civil War. Preppers are putting effort in the wrong area. If they put their energy into advising their country how to better mobilize collectively, it would be a heck of a lot cheaper, and a heck of a lot more effective than going it alone assuming that society will collapse. Society won’t collapse because it is naturally predisposed to self-preservation. Having said that, society does encounter hiccups like the LA Riots – sure prepare for hiccups, that’s prudent. But preparing for societal collapse is to ignore history.

  4. An intelligent breakdown. Refreshing to see an academic perspective that doesn’t condemn preppers (see ‘preppers are socially selfish’) and appreciates the self-reliance aspects of the movement.

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