Is Earth Day a Nice Thing?

2 thoughts on “Is Earth Day a Nice Thing?”

  1. BUT, there are a lot of people who work within environmental sustainability who are aware of the “real people” being directly effected. That’s part of the reason there are campaigns to think locally and become global advocates. As an anthropologist who has worked at multiple sustainability offices I can say that it isn’t just the anthros who are trying to change the concept of Earth Day from one day a year into everyday habits.

  2. celebration of earth day is as same as birthday of an individual . this act shows itself that man is not aware for his environment when he could sustain and one can interpret it as busy schedule of an individual in the era of globalization where he has no time time other than his regular survival . he never correlates his survival with survival of earth which is creating problem of hard survival of the earth . so celebration of earth day is good but the best task is to think about your earth every day

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