Time to Connect ALL the Dots

3 thoughts on “Time to Connect ALL the Dots”

  1. Another unwelcome diatribe by a well meaning professor, based on wrong assumptions and facts. If young black men are “preyed upon” they are preyed upon by their black peers, and not by white young men. The amount of “white guilt” which exists in this country is phenomenal. As founder and President of Tazzla Institute for Cultural Diversity since 1993, and for ten plus years before as Consultant for the International Indian Treaty Council, I have stood for and supported human rights, no matter what their color was. I have been involved for thirty years in an international effort of indigenous peoples of Africa to obtain those rights, denied throughout North Africa. As an Amazigh, North African Berber Jew, I know what discrimination, marginalization, and “profiling” is all about, and my ancestors also survived genocide and enslavement. I still deplore any attempt by Dr. Mullings, and two professors after him to link the unfortunate encounter between two young men of different races (neither of them privileged white,) resulting in the death of the one who was proven in court to be the initiator of this deadly fight, to an all encompassing list of racial sins committed by whites in the United States. I just published my fourth book, titled “Fifty Years in America, a Book of Essays” outlining some of this work, which I recommend. It is available at amazon.com and bn.com.

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