Why Students Should Attend the AAA Careers Expo

3 thoughts on “Why Students Should Attend the AAA Careers Expo”

  1. The website link that you have provided does not have a registration page. Where is it exactly that one can register ?

  2. This looks to be a very valuable event for all students in Anthropology. “What are you going to do with that?” is likely the top question to most students within the social sciences and liberal arts.

    In my experience, as a former Anthropology student and researcher, the most important skill to acquire to secure your unique place in the competitive job market is flexibility — and an unrelenting praxis (if you will) of passion into experience. In every ounce of your free time, do what you love, learn to communicate this, network, and don’t be afraid to do work for free.

    I love the intellectual fruits of my labor while in my degree, and they have been a strong agent in my early experiences and beginning opportunities, but what will translate into a job will be your steadfast work ethic, ability to communicate/network, and genuine passions. Our discipline teaches us to think critically, to see problems in new ways, and to communicate. Forge your own unique path. It is difficult, but can lead to the best opportunities to create a career that is the most meaningful to you. I feel very fortunate to have been able to do this so far.

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