AAA Annual Meeting Mobile Application: A Brief Survival Guide

25 thoughts on “AAA Annual Meeting Mobile Application: A Brief Survival Guide”

  1. The email address I originally registered for the meeting with is now defunct, so it appears that the AAA website will only take my new address, while the app will only take my defunct address, so the app won’t sync. Any work around?

    1. Yes, ask one of the staff onsite to direct you to me, I update the attendee list as often as possible but it’s a bit tricky with the annual meeting in full swing. I’ll take down your new information and make sure it synchs properly with the next update.

    1. Sarah,
      The mobile app’s registrant list is updated at seven, noon and 1700. If you registered after that you will not have access to it until the next synch. I have looked through the registrant list this morning and you should be able to utilize the app now.

  2. Hi Andrew. Sorry, you may have answered this already — but just for clarification — my iphone app isn’t syncing with the “personal scheduler” from the website — where I have selected various sessions, etc. any suggestions? thanks. Laura

    1. Laura, On the “Home” bar there will be refresh arrows. When you tap on that it will bring up a menu of synchronization options. Select sync now and it should bring in your selected sessions from the personal scheduler. -Joslyn

  3. Is the app working for non AAA members who have purchased conference registration? Also – I’ve noticed that many of the papers are listed as being on different days than the panels that they’re in – will the content of the app be updated to correct those date/time errors? Thanks!

      1. Thank you – I have a non-member colleague who has purchased conference registration, and has tried to log in several times to the app, but it doesn’t recognize his email address. He has logged into AAA and checked that it’s the right address, and it is. Who should he contact to get access to the app?

        1. The mobile apps registrant list is updated at noon and five PM every day once the annual meeting begins. If your friend has registered after Friday he will not show up until the next cycle of updates.

  4. How do you sync the app with the personal scheduler online? I used that first and now want to use the app but non of the session I chose show up on the app.

    1. If you have saved sessions and meeting events, those will appear on your app, upon synching. If you manually add personal events, those will not transfer over.

  5. I’d like to download the Android version of the app. Can I do that from iTunes store? Unless I’m misreading things, it seems that it only has the iOS version and I can’t find it in Google Play. Thanks.

  6. I’m totally confused – I used the computer to add stuff to my schedule and none of it is showing up on the app or in my calendar. Also why is there no search function on the app?

    1. As others have mentioned anything that you manually type into the personal scheduler on a computer now won’t translate onto the mobile app. There are certain limitation to the mobile app, and this is one of them. This is our first functioning mobile app, and it provides many features– and it is efficiently working towards a more eco-friendly annual meeting. We didn’t make this mobile app in-house, and we didn’t work that into the contract. You should look at the app more as a program 1.5 rather than a personal scheduler. There are free personal schedulers with a much larger infrastructure, whose sole purpose is to manage your day. That isn’t the main focus of our app. With your feedback, we will have an even better app next time around. Hopefully this clears up your confusion and leads you to a more efficient annual meeting!

  7. Where do we access the personal schedule on the Website? I don’t have an Ipad/Android, so I have to result to using the computer. I seem to be having trouble finding things, not sure if it’s just me.
    Thank you for the help!

    1. Lidia,

      From the main AAA page go to “Account/Member Profile LOGIN” at the top of the screen. Once you’ve logged in you’ll see a screen with a tab at the top labeled ” 2013 Annual Meeting Proposal & Personal Scheduler | Add Annual Meeting Workshops/Events” Clicking on the left link will get you there. Hope that helped!

      Another option is to go to the Meeting’s main page and go to the right hand column where it says “Other Meetings Links” There is a link that reads “Preliminary Program | Personal Scheduler” Click on the Personal Scheduler link.

  8. I was pretty unnerved that, while the personal scheduler on the website requires my AAA credentials, the application requires only my email address. Essentially, anything that I bookmark or store in the system is available to anyone with my email address.

    I’m curious: Why does the AAA outsource its web development? Wouldn’t it be easier and more efficient to get what is desired if it was handled in-house?

  9. Thanks for having an app. Kudos for it syncing with the “personal schedular” on the website. However the design is awful. On my iPhone 4 fully half the screen is taken up with banners, copyright statement, navigation elements and “chrome.” The actual information is not well laid out: there is no view which shows an overview of the day in one screen, the layout of the text treats all information equally and provides information duplicated elsewhere in the interface (the date is in the top, so why should it take up so much space in the description), etc. Also, it only seems to show scheduled events, not bookmarked events, nor is there a bookmark function like on the website? In short, I think it is easier for me to export to iCal and view this information there than to use the app, simply because my calendar app does a better job displaying the information on the screen.

    1. Thanks for the comments Kerim, you are truly on the front line of making this a better application for the Annual Meeting! As I mentioned, there are many elements we are still working to iron out, these next twenty days are something of a “beta” before the annual meeting. Some of the elements aren’t going to change. This app was entirely funded by generous sponsors, so the banners are a necessity (and as a note, within the realm of every association mobile app I’ve taken a gander at this year). The copyright statement, also, isn’t going anywhere as we didn’t make the application– you sign your papers, Bravura signs its app. After measuring it out on my iPhone 4, I found it’s closer to a third, but again this comes from our desire to give credit where credit is due.

      Stepping away from the more cosmetic concerns, we have logged the “bookmarking” issue and will hopefully have something for it. This mobile app won’t meet all of your daily needs, so it’s great that you’ve been able to incorporate iCal. iCal, and all the applications developed by Apple certainly do have a strong infrastructure built in place. The Annual Meeting app, however, provides inter-connectivity options you won’t find in iProducts. These will be more useful as the meeting begins.

      Thanks Kerim for downloading and commenting!

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