Rare Tlingit War Helmet Discovered at Springfield Science Museum

6 thoughts on “Rare Tlingit War Helmet Discovered at Springfield Science Museum”

  1. How can you say there are only 95 Tlingit war helmets in existence? And that they are mostly found in museums? Have you misquoted Henrikson? War helmets are still being carved and used today for current cultural uses. You can even purchase them from galleries. Attend the biannual Celebration in Juneau (or even look at photos/videos online) and you’ll see many beautiful Tlingit war helmets in the crowd. The statement in this article needs a correction to be fair to those who carry on the tradition of this beautiful work.

    1. There are around 95 old war helmets known to exist, and almost all are in museum collections. These are not the kind of crest hats you typically see at contemporary celebrations…they are a very specific type of hat designed for battle. The only way to tell the difference in most cases is to look at the inside of the hat to determine the thickness of the sides. Most war helmets are over an inch thick, while crest helmets are more like half an inch generally. The Tlingit people stopped making armor for use in battle by the middle of the 1800s. The practice has been taken up in recent years by carvers, but of course they are mainly designed as art and not for combat. Most clan leaders frown upon wearing replica war helmets and armor for ceremonial purposes, out of respect for veterans.

  2. Thank you for respecting the wishes of The Simpsons television production crew and never actually stating anywhere in this story the state in which this Springfield is located.

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