National Geographic Channel International Cancels “Nazi War Diggers”

3 thoughts on “National Geographic Channel International Cancels “Nazi War Diggers””

  1. I’m an AAA member and NG subscriber. I had not heard of the show until I read this, but please add public endangerment to the list of worries addressed in the letter to NGCI. Europe is sadly littered with unexploded ordnance from two world wars and countless lesser wars–constant hazards to construction crews, farmers and fishing crews.

    Please, just Google “europe unexploded ordnance”. Or, simply go to

    Any encouragement to the general public to go exploring with metal detectors and shovels borders on reckless, however well intentioned it may have been.

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    Nice to see professional organizations working to promote responsible popularization. Although protesting every example of pseudoarchaeology on TV would take a very long time!

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