“Why I signed” (the petition for academic boycott of Israeli institutions)

6 thoughts on ““Why I signed” (the petition for academic boycott of Israeli institutions)”

  1. Talking about boycott Israel without addressing the fundemental question of Isreali-Arab conflict material is missing the point.
    The June war in Gaza started after continuous fire rocketing by Hamas, a world-known terrorist organization, at Israeli civil towns outside palestinian soil. It’s important to remind those who foregot, that Gaza strip was evacuated by Israel at 2006. There is no Israeli presence there ever since. A year later, Hamas violently took over Gaza, while killing hundreds of PA officials (their “brothers”) in various “creative” ways. It should be noted that Hamas never held democratic elections since, and basically the Gazan palestinians are held hostage under their violent rule.
    So for all those who foreget what we’re up against, it is not (anthropoligically speaking) “Zionist colonial power” against “Freedom seeking natives”, but rather Peace seeking westeners against Fundementalist religious terrorist, who not only hold Israeli southern periphery as hostage, but also their own people as well.

  2. Steven Caton’s message is regretttable and unjust. Boycotting of Israel is immoral, negative, and imputes ‘collective guilt’ to an entire people and society. And it reminds us of 1930s Nazi Germany.
    Do not delude yourself on the peacefulness of the Palestinian leaders. Read the Hamas Charter, and the last UN speech (quite mendacious) by Mahmoud Abbas. There you find their real attitude and ideals.
    And see also this:
    “An Insider’s Guide to the Most Important Story on Earth”, http://www.tabletmag.com/jewish-news-and-politics/183033/israel-insider-guide?all=1#

  3. Come visit in southern israel where the “hamas” firing tousends of rockets over a civilian areas. Yes, our people wants peace like every realistic person in the us and over the world. Stop with the industry of lies that making israel as a monster that destroyed the world and start to investigate in objective way the situation. I’m recommend everybody to read a truely good book that made a comparative study of the isreali- palestinian conflict and I promise that you’re be surprised.
    The name of the book is “The industry of lies”. The author is Ben Dror Yemini, a man of peace like allmost of the israeli people.

  4. To address your question, “To those who say the boycott is ineffective, then propose something that is.” Surely cutting off military aid from the US would have immediate transformative effect.

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