A Sixteen-Year-Old finds Encouragement and Inspiration at AAA 2015

2 thoughts on “A Sixteen-Year-Old finds Encouragement and Inspiration at AAA 2015”

  1. I am very glad I was able to see Mr. Zausner present in Denver last year. He was very articulate and conducted himself very well for being a high school student. It gives me great hope to think about where our field is headed with bright young minds like his leading the way to a new generation of anthropologists. I remember being blown away when I saw in the program that he was only in high school. My favorite part about getting to watch Mr. Zausner present his research was to see that there are such varied interests in anthropology. I had never even given thought to including things such as RPG’s and avatars in with anthropological research. Thanks to him I discovered the website https://thegeekanthropologist.com/ and was so happy to find others like myself who had an interest in such things. Even though it i not within my personal field of study, I love reading the articles on the website and seeing all the new things anthropologists are putting out there. I also presented at the 2015 AAA conference in Denver which was intimidating because not only am I still an undergrad, this was my first time ever attending a conference. I am grateful for the chance to have gotten to meet Mr. Zausner and am very glad he has found a place to fit in within this crazy world of ours.

  2. This is a well articulated view of AAA, our moment in time, and the field of (anthro) play. If only we knew how to open the door to anthro more widely, with better on-ramps and signage to this road. Anecdotally it seems many fall into the subject by chance, accident, or fate perhaps; very often in college or through friends of friends. As Mr. Zausner testifies, the label or container for anthro in popular consciousness is static (not living), with its lens turned to the past. Focusing closer up on this image, it seems that the persistent markers that stand for the term ‘anthro’ or possibly its adjective are found in museum displays or their online expression. If this is true, then perhaps we can call on AAA colleagues in the Council for Museum Anthropology to smuggle in more references to facets of inquiry and collections that encompass the museum visitor’s own human experience of language, social experience, and intercultural encounters – past, present, or future. The other channel to engage wider, non-specialist audiences, true to Mr. Zausner’s experience, is film festivals. Possibly our AAA colleagues in the Society for Visual Anthropology can consider initiatives to insert or assert visual anthro into bigger or especially prominent film festivals and thus carry the anthro perspective and label into wider circulation. Some of this visual inroad can be found in the trilogy by https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yann_Arthus-Bertrand, “Human,” made in cooperation with google services and distributed via http://www.human-themovie.org/

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