Applying Anthropology for a Safer World

4 thoughts on “Applying Anthropology for a Safer World”

  1. It is a wonderful anthropological approach and is equally applicable to third world country like India where college based sexual activity is increasing day by day but academic institution alike America does not want to disclose such type of crime in its campus . I have been fighting against sexual violence in college campus since 2013 and it is surprising that instead of praising my effort college administration alleged me for so many fabricated matter . India is a culture-specific country and girls/ women do want to speak on gender issues freely and college administration takes advantage of this cultural hesitation and it shows its premise as sexual violence free which is not true . A girl is slapped but when matter went up she changed her statement and in another matter of the same college based in Lucknow India a lady teacher was sexually assaulted by superiors but when this matter went to Police , lady did not get any relief because police tried to save superiors instead of victim woman while India has woman commission and sexual violence act 2013 . Due to all above said facts women don’t want to raise their voice against sexual harassment and sexual violence grows as additional tissue of the body ( cancer)

  2. Unfortunately, anthropologsts are too often captive of the institution and their tenure struggles – how many of us are really involved in this in terms of identifying the cultural values that promote this behavior and then working with college administrations to make real changes? I think anthropology must be combined with community organizing and more effective activism to make any kind of a dent at all in this and other issues. Community organizing is not the same as activism, and we need to learn to be better organizers not better activists.

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