Cultural Anthropology: The Most Important Class that Any Undergraduate Will Take

3 thoughts on “Cultural Anthropology: The Most Important Class that Any Undergraduate Will Take”

  1. I like that you point out that students who take a cultural anthropology course can learn to appreciate cultural diversity. After reading this article, I can understand why it is important to understand different cultures and how to relate with them. I should definitely consider taking this class next semester.

  2. Cultural anthropology in India is not taken in the same momentum as you have described in your written patch. it is considered as a colonial or imperial subject which has no meaning in current situation while after the independence of India tribal groups have increased from 212 groups to 709 groups in 2011 census. when we correlate these numbers with development and modernization in the era of globalization , it seems very difficult to tribes in forest. Indian scenario is entirely different from other countries . In academic procedure it is not mandatory or optional to know about your country and indigenous people . which is creating a drift between knowledge and life . cultural anthropology may eliminate such drift and being an anthropologist , I find the suitability of cultural anthropology to understand local or indigenous people efficiently. I think that your narration is fruitful for entire globe to understand the meaning and significance of cultural anthropology for making better understanding .

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