How do you raise a child? Insights from a World of Babies

4 thoughts on “How do you raise a child? Insights from a World of Babies”

  1. As both a young mother and an anthropologist, I think this is such an interesting concept. Throughout my entire pregnancy and the 17 months of her life (thus far), I have endured unwelcome advice, criticism, and skeptical conversation with friends and strangers, alike. I’m not quite sure why everyone feels so compelled to share advice about parenting, but they do so overbearingly, seemingly in an effort to overpower the parents own decision-making… from an American perspective, anyway. I also believe social media in America, specifically the cram-down-your-throat availability of material, influences everyone to have an opinion on everything. As a result, people feel compelled to push their own views on others more frequently, instead of letting the parents find out on their own. We were always told to keep our daughter in a crib, on her back. However, as a nursing and working mother, it often fared better to have her in bed with us. When she was in her own crib, she would not sleep unless she was on her stomach. Moral? Take care of the baby! Lol! Great read!

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