After 10 years the AAA Race Project is Still Needed Now More Than Ever

2 thoughts on “After 10 years the AAA Race Project is Still Needed Now More Than Ever”

  1. Dear Yolanda,

    I am struggling here as a “white-skinned” Hispanic. I am understanding of the privileges that my white skin grants me, however, I witnessed racism and discrimination against my mother who is dark skinned. I grew up very impoverished in black and Hispanic neighborhoods. I fight for equality for my sisters and brothers of colors. I educate myself on the history of their struggles. I do not like using the terms race and ethnicity. I know they were created to divide and ultimately create the beginning of a very long and bloody history of racism and inequality in America. When I begin to discuss this information with some black people, they become angry and defensive when all I am trying to do is support them and acknowledge their struggle. I feel like because of my white skin, my voice is lost. They then see only my “white privilege”. Today I had an opinion that the word Race should be eradicated from our vocabulary. I was then argued with that would take away this person’s “blackness”. Now I believe that being black in America is a culture, a group of experiences, a beautiful movement which includes pain and struggle. However, I find it so difficult to discuss this with some black people. Please enlighten me on how I can have these conversations and create a oneness between the divide. My white skin does not define my human experience and I understand I can never fully understand what it is to be black in this country… how can I have these conversations if black people are not open to hearing what a “white” person has to say?

    Thank You,

    A sincerely dedicated woman to the equality of all humankind.

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