Charlottesville: Trump, Race and the Logical Utopia/Illogical Dystopia Binary

2 thoughts on “Charlottesville: Trump, Race and the Logical Utopia/Illogical Dystopia Binary”

  1. The logical distopia/utopia binary is an interesting concept. I’m trying to view it as I think has been expressed here, as a fundamental component of white supremacy, but am having difficulty.

    I see it as the pathway Trump’s brand of white supremacy has taken, and is reminiscent of manifest destiny, is unapologetic, and out in the open: any explanation simply, because white. Its an outlook that panders to poor white people and leaves minorities explicitely exposed. It is white supremacy, but to me, is not the why or how of white supremacy, but less is one method of sustaining white supremacy. A white supremacy that was in effect before, and will be in effect after, this zeitgeist passes.

    For instance, the simply “utopian” framework that got Obama in office is also a framework of white supremacy but one that functions on enmasse gas lighting that presents tokenism as meaningful inclusion and respectability as genuine respect for ones humanity. This is achieved by a futuristic hysteria surrounding “hope” and “change” rather than a historic, restorative hysteria surrounding making something great “again”. Its all hysteria directing our focus either to the future or past but not whats presently before us.

    Trump is a white supremacist but I do not find him exceptional in that regard among US presidents. White supremacy ultimately is an economic system leaders of this country are elected to protect while keeping the country’s citizens accepting of it. It’s poor white people’s turn to feel important and our turn to be distracted by them while the economic system further degrades both. Our democracy is not in danger of being shot, it has long been buried; we have merely been witnessing a holographic democratic performance.

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