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MPAAC is Ready to Roll!

By Tricia Redeker Hepner, MPAAC Chair

The Members’ Programmatic Advisory and Advocacy Committee will officially go into effect following the 2017 AAA Annual Meeting this November. Over the past year, I have been working closely with my co-chairs Keri Brondo and Ramona Perez to plan and execute the transition from the previous committee structures to our new formulation. Drawing on the feedback from committee chairs received at last year’s meeting, and a careful examination of the committee annual reports, AAA’s Strategic Implementation Plan, and association resources, we have developed what we affectionately refer to as the “MPAAC Manifesto.” This document is a working template for how MPAAC plans to carry on the important work of the committees while cultivating new synergies across priority areas.

The new members of MPAAC, listed below, reflect AAA’s commitment to diversity and to excellence. We have encouraged them to reach out to existing committee chairs in their priority areas and to attend meetings and events organized by these committees at this year’s annual meeting. A four-hour orientation and workshop is also planned for new MPAAC members to help us hit the ground running.

We are excited at the prospects of moving forward and in fulfilling MPAAC’s commitment to be attuned and responsive to the membership, our discipline, and the people and issues we work with as anthropologists.

We invite AAA members to engage with us! Even better – join us! Nominate yourself for an MPAAC seat by October 4!

MPAAC Members:


Tricia Redeker Hepner


Keri Brondo

Ramona Perez

Ethics Seat          

Chad Morris

Lise Dobrin

Gender Equity Seat

Gabriela Torres

Dianna Shandy

Human Rights Seat

Michael Vicente Perez

Jaymelee Kim

Labor Seat           

Daniel Segal

Lavanya Murali Proctor

Minority Issues Seat

Antoinette Jackson

Richard Meyers

Practicing/Professional Seat

Mary Butler

Susan Mazur-Stomen

Public Policy Seat

Katherine Lambert-Pennington

Thurka Sangaramoorthy 

Student Seat

Taapsi Ramchandani

Jennifer Halliday

World Anthropologies

Leila Rodriguez

Chandana Mathur