Business is Booming for Business Anthropology

9 thoughts on “Business is Booming for Business Anthropology”

  1. Dear Bob Morais, I’ve just received your book Ethics in Anthropology of Business. It looks amazing!
    In relation to business anthropology, I would like to share with you Antropología 2.0 project: We are working very hard to develop business anthropology in Spanish-speaking contexts. And it’s always inspiring to find items like that. Thanks!

  2. For those who desire an academic career but also have an interestest in “Business Anthropology” one might consider teaching and research through a business school or program. I found that anthropology is especially useful to explaining the principles of management (which is really applied social/behavioal science in the institutional context) and in marketing (consumer behavior, market strategy and planning, and international marketing). The broader perspective of anthropology provides an integration of the applied elements that make up business training especially at the undergraduate and MBA levels.

  3. I was majoring in business and changed my major to Anthropology because I have always been a people watcher in my job(s). Getting to know your customers wants, needs and habits creates a bond between the seller and buyer that becomes a need if you will on behalf of the buyer. When that need is lacking they tend to let seller know they were disappointed with the previous service, I.e. the seller was off that day and someone else was not as observant.

  4. There is a danger in applied anthropology. A danger that many in the early days of the 1930 -1950s were concerned about. This is the coptation of the perspective for politcal or economic gain for the individual practitioner or the institution (employer) she or he serves. The decolonization of anthropology is a case in point and the responses that leads to the adversarial potential that exists in the world between institutions suggest that a certain degree responsiblity for anthropologists to define and enforce the inherant values in out profession and provide the necessary shield for those values. I have written elsewhere about what I see as the ethical conflicts in business anthropology.

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