Five Things You Should Know About the “Migrant Caravan”

11 thoughts on “Five Things You Should Know About the “Migrant Caravan””

  1. Look at Canada / Paris / England / California people living on the street going to the bathroom on the streets destroying everything. Is this what you want for the U S A are school’s are bad overcrowded . Hospital’s and all Government help is over come by too many people. Our water system have lead and chemical in them / sewer’s our overwhelming can’t keep up etc.

  2. What a load of blatantly false bleeding heart liberal crap. Go check your facts kiddies. Check with sources that aren’t in bed with “la rasa,” the DNC or the drug cartels.

    1. The article starts with: “We are anthropologists who work with migrants and refugees, many of whom are fleeing for their lives.” The sources are the people in caravans and what the writers have seen on the ground.

  3. I prefer my tax dollars go to our: poor, homeless, veterans, children who cannot get decent food & medical care, etc. NOT to illegal immigrants. Just my opinion. What diseases are they bringing with them?

    1. Your tax dollars have gone, and are still going, to destabilizing their countries and installing greedy dictators who drive farmers off the land & give it to multinationals, and allow paramilitaries, drug lords, and gangs to control the streets. That’s what has created, & continues to create the deadly threat they’re fleeing, and from which they’re seeking refuge and safety for their families. And it’s a sure thing they aren’t bringing small pox infested blankets.

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