Inside the President’s Studio: Nandini Sundar

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Hosted by AAA President Virginia R. Dominguez, “Inside the President’s Studio” features interviews with anthropologists about their ideas, research and passions. It is part of an ongoing effort to foster public, visible and active engagement with anthropologists. Become a part of the conversation by reading and listening to the interviews, adding your comments to the blog, and suggesting people or topics for future pieces.

This month the studio features Delhi University anthropologist Nandini Sundar.  She talks about her the lure of anthropology, involvement in litigation on the behalf of indigenous communities, becoming a public figure, the state of anthropology in India, and perceptions of the discipline, among other topics.

Nandini’s written answers are copied below:  Continue reading “Inside the President’s Studio: Nandini Sundar”

NEH Summer Grant Deadlines

Deadlines are fast approaching for grants offered by the National Endowment for the Humanities. Full details are available on the NEH website, but an abbreviated list is copied below:


  • Fellowship Programs at Independent Research Institutions (up to $400,000) – due 8/17/10
  • America’s Media Makers Grants (up to $1,000,000) – due 8/18/10
  • Grants to America’s Historical and Cultural Organizations (up to $1,000,000) – due 8/18/10


  • Summer Stipends (up to $6,000) – due 9/30/10
  • Enduring Questions Course Grants (up to $25,000) – due 9/15/10
  • Documenting Endangered Languages (up to $150,000) – due 9/15/10
  • Teaching Development Fellowships (up to $21,000) – due 9/30/10  Continue reading “NEH Summer Grant Deadlines”

Arizona Immigration Law Temporarily Blocked

Yesterday, in the lawsuit brought against Arizona by the Justice Department, US District Judge Susan R. Bolton ruled that several key provisions in Arizona’s controversial immigration law (SB1070) would interfere with federal law and policy. Her ruling temporarily blocks provisions that would require police to determine the immigration status of anyone they stop, detain or … Continue reading Arizona Immigration Law Temporarily Blocked

Interning at AAA

AAA intern Alika Johnston (H-B Woodlawn) reminisces about her time with the association:

My aunt was shocked upon learning that I accepted an unpaid internship this summer. “Don’t you know slavery ended in 1865?!” she cried. I laughed, describing how it would be a good experience with plenty of learning opportunities and the chance to discover what it’s like to work in a real, live office. My aunt cackled, telling me I’m “in for something, alright.”

As an intern at the AAA office in Arlington, Virginia, one can imagine I wasn’t doing much anthropology. I completed all the traditional intern tasks, such as filing and sorting papers and cleaning up Excel spreadsheets, but I managed to avoid the most clichéd task of all—fetching coffee. I’m not sure if I got the whole intern experience or not because of it.  Continue reading “Interning at AAA”

Revolutions! AU Public Anthropology Conference

American University is hosting its 7th Annual Public Anthropology Conference on October 16-17, 2010. This year’s theme is “Revolutions! Building Emancipatory Politics and Action,” and will feature panel discussions, skills workshops and a film festival. Conference keynote addresses will be given by Dean Saitta (U Denver) and Susan Hyatt (IUPUI). The free conference will bring … Continue reading Revolutions! AU Public Anthropology Conference

Most-Cited Anthro Journals

Cultural Anthropology was recently ranked as the second most-cited journal in anthropology by Journal Citation Reports. Other AAA journals that ranked in the top 20 include American Anthropologist, American Ethnologist, Medical Anthropology Quarterly, Ethos and Anthropology & Education Quarterly. The most-cited articles for each journal are being made available for 30 days in celebration of this achievement:  Continue reading “Most-Cited Anthro Journals”

Job Round-Up, July

As employers are gearing up for the fall hiring season, the AAA has received a number of job listings. In an effort to help our job seekers and promote the candidacy of qualified applicants to academic and applied posts, we have compiled these opportunities below. To apply for a position or post one of your own, please visit the AAA Career Center.