How do you raise a child? Insights from a World of Babies

How do you raise a child?  Ask any mother, and she’ll offer a long list of things you should do–and shouldn’t do.  Not only will three mothers share three different recommendations; as anthropologists, we now know that different communities may follow drastically different approaches to childcare. A mother in the US certainly receives much parenting … Continue reading How do you raise a child? Insights from a World of Babies

Grassroots Necro-tourism in Napoli

Guest contributor Markus Bell is a lecturer in the University of Sheffield’s School of East Asian Studies. Follow him on Twitter: @mpsbell. Italy is in trouble. Big trouble. The Global Economic Recession hit hard. Italy’s young are disproportionately feeling the pinch with youth unemployment soaring to an alarming 43 percent. Conditions are worse in southern Italy, … Continue reading Grassroots Necro-tourism in Napoli

Flagged: Children on July 4th

Author Cindy Dell Clark, associate professor of anthropology at Rutgers University, did fieldwork on Memorial Day and July 4th during 2005-2012.  She has also studied American families at Christmas and Easter, chronicled in her book “Flights of Fancy, Leaps of Faith” (University of Chicago Press). During the years 2005 to 2012, when I conducted research … Continue reading Flagged: Children on July 4th

Changing Tides: Celebrating Women’s Valor on Veterans Day

This Veterans Day, Americans will celebrate the sacrifice and heroism of those who served in uniform from World War I to the most recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many of us will thank our brothers, fathers, uncles, and perhaps even grandfathers for their patriotism and military service. Far fewer Americans will extend their arms … Continue reading Changing Tides: Celebrating Women’s Valor on Veterans Day

What Halloween Masks

October 31st is America’s curious anomaly.  On October’s last day, as trees defoliate and nature ebbs towards the deadness of winter, parents mark the day by lifting  prohibitions.  From sugar treats to stranger visiting, what is usually forbidden falls within kids’ reach.  That day children lampoon adults, dressing up in roles of mature power (princesses, … Continue reading What Halloween Masks