Levi-Strauss Passes at 100

French anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss has passed away at the age of 100. Best known for introducing structuralism into the discipline, Lévi-Strauss contributed greatly to our understanding of non-Western cultures and was a passionate defender of the humanity of all peoples. He was a prolific author, publishing more than 20 books, including Tristes tropiques (1955), The Savage Mind (1962), Structural Anthropology (1958; trans. 1963), and Mythologiques I-IV (1961-1971). Although this is a sad day for anthropology, his legacy will live on through the lives and disciplines he has helped shape. Continue reading “Levi-Strauss Passes at 100”

Coffee with Curators at the Arizona State Museum

The Arizona State Museum is launching a new series of informal, free-flowing discussions with ASM curators, free to the public. On Wednesday, November 4, 3:00-3:45 pm, chat with James T. Watson, ASM assistant curator of bioarchaeology, who will consider the importance of balancing the interests of science and the concerns of descendant communities when excavating human skeletons. This will be followed by the School of Anthropology’s free weekly lecture at 4:00 pm, featuring Andrew Wiley. The next Coffee with the Curators discussion will be on Wednesday, December 2, led by Alyce Sadongei, assistant curator for Native American relations. Continue reading “Coffee with Curators at the Arizona State Museum”

Free Access Now Through December: 10+ Years of AAA Publications!

This November and December we invite you to sample AAA’s publications by offering complimentary online access to more than 10 years of content.

The following journals are available to you via this offer. Simply click on the links below to learn more about any of the titles or to start reading articles online today!

American Anthropologist   American Anthropologist AA is the flagship journal of the AAA, presenting the highest level of scholarship from the full spectrum of anthropological research. The journal appeals to a broad audience by incorporating research articles from all subfields of anthropology; including archaeology, biological anthropology, linguistic anthropology, and sociocultural anthropology.


American Ethnologist   American Ethnologist Articles in AE elucidate the connections between ethnographic specificity and theoretical originality, conveying the ongoing relevance of the ethnographic imagination to the contemporary world.


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Aging and Eldercare: November AN Commentaries Now Online

November 2009 Anthropology News CoverNovember Anthropology News In Focus commentaries on aging and eldercare are now available on our Current Featured News page, free to the public through November 30. To access full November issue content—free for AAA members—visit AnthroSource.

The Aging and the Life Course series includes:

  • Jay Sokolovsky: “Aging, Center State: New Life Course Research in Anthropology
  • Philip B Stafford: “Aging and Developmental Disability: Emerging Concerns and Insights”
  • Cormac Sheehan, Cathy Bailey and Susan Squires: “Older Adults Speak Out: Aging and Health Policy in the Republic of Ireland”
  • David Prendergast, John Sherry, Simon Roberts and Tim Plowman: “Technology and Independent Living: The Global Aging Experience Project” Continue reading “Aging and Eldercare: November AN Commentaries Now Online”

Nancy Scheper-Hughes to Appear on “Dan Rather Reports”

Nancy Scheper-Hughes with Dan RatherNancy Scheper-Hughes, medical anthropologist and director of Organs Watch, has shared with us a photo from her recent documentary film shoot in Maldova, Turkey and Israel with “Dan Rather Reports.” The documentary will soon be available online.

[11/30 Update: The hour-long documentary on Organs Watch will air on HDNet on Dec 8 at 8pm.]

[12/1 Update: The documentary has been postponed to air on Dec 15.]

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