USAID Director Finally Chosen

Those with any lingering hope that Harvard medical anthropologist and physician Paul Farmer would be appointed as the new head of USAID will be disappointed to learn that Rajiv Shah–Under Secretary for Research, Education and Economics and Chief Scientist at the US Department of Agriculture–will lead the agency. Shah, only 36, previously served as the … Continue reading USAID Director Finally Chosen

NEH/CCHA Summer Institute for Faculty

The NEH summer institute “Native Cultures of Western Alaska and the Pacific Northwest Coast” will be held in Alaska and British Columbia, June 13–July 12, 2010, for 24 faculty from community and four-year colleges and universities, sponsored by the Community College Humanities Association. The program includes seminars with distinguished scholars and local Native guest speakers, … Continue reading NEH/CCHA Summer Institute for Faculty

Museum Anthropology & Anthro News Address NAGPRA

Anthropology News Call for Proposals: Repatriation

Interested in writing about NAGPRA or other repatriation-related topics in a news or op-ed format? There is still time to participate in the upcoming Anthropology News issue on repatriation. See the call for proposals today and submit your 300-word abstract by Monday, November 16.

Museum Anthropology Call for Papers: “Looking Back, Looking Forward: NAGPRA after Two Decades”

In 1990, the United States Congress passed the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA), thereby forever altering museum collections and exhibits, and the relationship between museums and Native American communities. In this special thematic issue of Museum Anthropology, we are seeking innovative studies of NAGPRA’s impacts, brief reflections and commentaries, and analyses that investigate the trends of the last two decades and anticipate what is still to come. Particularly welcomed are papers that evaluate whether NAGPRA has led to the kind of spiritual healing that it was intended to facilitate, or whether it has opened old wounds (or made new ones). Viewpoints are encouraged from Native Americans, tribal representatives, museum professionals, federal employees, lawyers, archaeologists, physical anthropologists, and other academic scholars. Continue reading “Museum Anthropology & Anthro News Address NAGPRA”

Frugal Philly: From Cheap Eats to the Big Splurge

The third installment of our “Frugal Philly” Guide to the 2009 AAA Annual Meeting  is now available, courtesy of Jeff Maskovsky. Apparently there’s more to Philly than just cheesesteaks, though they’ve got that, too! Maskovsky provides a culinary guide to places that run the gamut from cheap and easy to fancy schmancy – and of course the best in … Continue reading Frugal Philly: From Cheap Eats to the Big Splurge

President Obama Hosts Summit with Native American Leaders

Today the President will be giving the opening and closing remarks at the White House Tribal Nations Conference.  The conference will include leaders from 564 federally recognized tribes and various Cabinet secretaries.  According to the New York Times, the participants will discuss a wide range of topics from treaty obligations and tribal sovereignty, to issues of economic development, … Continue reading President Obama Hosts Summit with Native American Leaders

My Teacher, Claude Lévi-Strauss

Richard Price

Richard Price has kindly provided us with a brief account of the impact that Levi-Strauss had upon his life and growth as an anthropologist. Price is currently the Duane A. and Virginia S. Dittman Professor of Anthropology, American Studies, and History at the College of William & Mary:

In October 1963, Sally and I took a banana boat from Fort-de-France to Rouen so I could spend the year studying with Alfred Métraux—the Swiss-born South Americanist who was a pillar of French anthropology. Claude Lévi-Strauss, then in his fifties, met me in his place, explaining that Métraux had taken his own life several months before. He kindly offered to step in as my teacher, although I had only just finished my undergraduate degree. Continue reading “My Teacher, Claude Lévi-Strauss”

Premiere of NOVA’s Becoming Human on PBS

Many anthropologists will be excited to hear that NOVA’s three-part special, Becoming Human: Unearthing Our Earliest Ancestors, will premiere tonight at 8pm ET/PT on your local PBS station (please check your local listings).  The special explores the significance of many recent archaeological discoveries and what the most current scientific research reveals about earliest ancestors. According to … Continue reading Premiere of NOVA’s Becoming Human on PBS