An Extended Interview with Michael Brian Schiffer

This month’s Archeology Division column in Anthropology News features an interview by James M Skibo with Michael Brian Schiffer, Riecker Distinguished Professor at the University of Arizona. Schiffer will be the AD Distinguished Lecturer at the November AAA Annual Meeting. Get to know him a bit more by reading the extended dialogue below. Comments and questions for discussion are welcome, and can be posted below or sent to James M Skibo at jmskibo [at]

James M Skibo: In the interest of full disclosure, I note that you were the co-chair of my dissertation committee and we have published together often during the past two decades. So my first question is: what is it like to work with brilliant collaborators?

Michael Brian Schiffer: The nice thing about having you as a brilliant collaborator is that, on our joint projects, you did all the work and I got all the credit. Sweet!

JMS: A theme of this column and the entire AD is exploring the relationship between archaeology and anthropology. How does anthropology fit into this picture of what you do and who you are as a scholar? Continue reading “An Extended Interview with Michael Brian Schiffer”