Anthropologists Approve Comprehensive Overhaul of Ethics Code

After a five-year review process, members of the American Anthropological Association have approved a rigorous overhaul of their ethics code.  The code offers guidance to anthropologists as to how they should conduct themselves in professional and academic settings, in collecting and disseminating research data, and in their relationships with research subjects, colleagues and students.  The new document, titled “Statement on Ethics: Principles of Professional Responsibility,” strengthens the previous ethics code, adapts it to the digital age, and makes use of a fundamentally new format.  Members were given six weeks to vote on the code, which was approved by an overwhelming 93 percent of those who voted.

The first AAA ethics code was written in 1971, in response to controversies over the Vietnam War. Where previous AAA ethics codes resembled straightforward legal codes, the new Principles of Professional Responsibility take the form of a hyperlinked living document in a simple, user-friendly format.  While still offering guidance for ethical conduct in the form of general principles, the new document features embedded hypertext links to pertinent case study materials, reference documents, websites and articles. The Statement has a series of references after each defining principle to allow the readers to find further sources of information and data.  These resources give readers a richer sense of the context of the ethics code and of specific dilemmas anthropologists have faced in their work. Continue reading “Anthropologists Approve Comprehensive Overhaul of Ethics Code”

AAA Election Candidates Announced

On April 15, the American Anthropological Association’s association-wide elections and section elections will begin.  New to this year, you can view the candidates prior to the opening of the ballot. Here are the candidates running in the association-wide elections: AAA Secretary (3-year term) Rani Alexander and Margaret Buckner AAA Executive Board (3-year term) Cultural Seat: … Continue reading AAA Election Candidates Announced

Ethics Committee Announces Winners of Inaugural Small Grants Program

The American Anthropological Association (AAA) Committee on Ethics recently presented cash awards to two separate teams of anthropologists who offered proposals centered on encouraging awareness of and innovation in ethics curricular materials used in introductory, undergraduate, and graduate classes. The goal of the AAA Small Grants Program is to foster the development and use of … Continue reading Ethics Committee Announces Winners of Inaugural Small Grants Program