Petty Nationalism and the Right’s War on Language

This post was submitted by Phillip M. Carter, an associate professor of linguistics at Florida International University’s Cuban Research Institute The French Revolutionaries, compelled as they were by their own notion of égalité, put forth a radical idea: eliminate social inequality by giving all French citizens access to the French language. A common language, disseminated … Continue reading Petty Nationalism and the Right’s War on Language

Best of 2015: AnthroSource

Here are the 10 most-downloaded articles from AnthroSource, AAA’s digital database for content from our publications. AAA members get free, unlimited access to AnthroSource. Just login with your AAA membership credentials. 1. American Anthropologist Is the Romantic-Sexual Kiss a Near Human Universal? 2. American Ethnologist #Ferguson: Digital protest, hashtag ethnography, and the racial politics of … Continue reading Best of 2015: AnthroSource