Boundaries Featured in Feb AN

Read this month’s thematic series on boundaries on the Anthropology News website. This month we’re pleased to start the series with essays by: Gwendolyn Ferreti-Manjarrez | Attrition via Enforcement: Snuffing Latino Immigrants Out of the Deep South Alissa Jordan | Border Agents of the Beyond in Haiti Peter C Little | Boundary Movements for Toxics … Continue reading Boundaries Featured in Feb AN

March AN Features Place

The March Anthropology News In Focus series on the place is now posted on our Current Featured News page, free to the public throughout the month, then available (along with the rest of March AN) via AnthroSource. This month’s In Focus essays are by Jenna Andrews-Swann, Adam Fish, Cynthia Fowler, Fethi Keles, Peter C Little, Alex Nading, Martha … Continue reading March AN Features Place