Teaching AAA 2016: Indexes and Icons

TEACHING THE 2016 AAA ANNUAL MEETING THEME: EVIDENCE, ACCIDENT, DISCOVERY Have you considered linking your teaching with the 2016 Annual Meeting theme, Evidence, Accident, Discovery? This new blog series offers relevant teaching resources to instructors of undergraduate and graduate courses on methods, ethics and theory. While none of these modules pretends to offer an exhaustive … Continue reading Teaching AAA 2016: Indexes and Icons

YouTeach: Films in the Anthropology Classroom

The right film with the right conversation can transform a classroom by illustrating for students what words alone cannot animate. As the fall semester gets underway, I thought I’d round up some of the best lists about teaching anthropological concepts with videos. As S. Elizabeth Bird and Jonathan Godwin compellingly illustrate in their study (AAA members can access the … Continue reading YouTeach: Films in the Anthropology Classroom

Teaching Excellence

Is good teaching like pornography in that we know it when we experience it, but we struggle to define it? This post considers teaching evaluation and prods (well, maybe more like fumbles around) the topic of classroom excellence. My first thought, working in publishing, is peer review. Alexander Sidorkin writes in the introductory issue of … Continue reading Teaching Excellence

Back to the Classroom?

From AAA member Beverly A. Chiarulli: As a member of the advisory panel that helped build the AAA Teaching Materials Exchange, I was delighted to read that the Exchange is up and running. It’s a little hard to find, there’s no link on the home page, but it is the first link on the Resources menu … Continue reading Back to the Classroom?